The Churches

Bronze skull with black patina.
18”x 4”x4″.

The bizarre, disorienting symmetrical form that creates the precarious balance of this sculpture is all about memory, or more appropriately, the fading of memory. I have often felt the need to hold on to the memory of Italian churches, of architectural perfection. Walking through the streets of Florence, Italy, to get to my studio each day in 2015 is something that I reminisce about. The fading images of these places have become a single memory; the feeling of grandiosity and unattainable structures is still there without the specific architectural details.

 The first time I went to Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, I remember feeling like the poster would fall in front of me; it was so beautiful it was hard to believe it was real. 

Time passes, and though I assume what I remember is accurate, there is no doubt I have idealized the perfection and created a memory pattern that makes me long for these places yet not want to go back. This sculpture became a celebration of time and place, of nowhere in particular but rather a collective feeling of longing.

Show History 

  • Artscape 2019
  • OOAK 2019
  • Lonsdale 
  • OOAK 2022