Tape Me to the Wall


A departure from figurative sculpture led me to cast fruit as the first in a series of fruit sculptures. The banana is an expression of a new situation. I had just moved to rural Ontario during the post-pandemic reality, and a grocery store trip was still a highlight of my new life. The bananas reminded me of an article about the banana taped to the wall at Basel (artwork by Maurizio Cattelan.) My desire to make art even in such a remote area was inescapable. However, the casting outside of figurative sculptures was new to me then. 

Casting a banana and recognizing that it is an imported fruit different from what is seen in antiquity is notable in metal casting. Apples come to mind in metal casting; pineapples were historically an imported luxury and were later cast in metal. But a banana? A simple banana at the grocery store in rural Ontario. I was looking for something silly, a departure from the banality of life.

It was the first sculpture to reach its finished series of 28. Though other fruit sculptures are cast and available, shifting gear into the fruit and humorous work series is a notable departure.

Show History 

  • One-of-a-Kind Winter Show 2021