Bronze with black patina.

This artwork combines a cast of an antique gramophone horn and a cast of a spine. Combining this imagery creates a surrealist object about the connection between nostalgia, music, and memory. Songs played on a gramophone are ones of generations past, like memories, stories, and histories. 

The use of a gramophone is a slower process to express music. It isn’t a hundred thousand options to download tomorrow or a quick pop song; there is a slow process to winding up a gramophone, choosing a song, and simply sitting to listen. With such a fast-paced world, we lose sight of what is important and collective nostalgia fades. It serves as a metaphor for collective memories, histories, and connections to times past.

Show History 

  • Grade Ex 104. OCAD University 2019
  • Artscape 2021
  • One-of-a-Kind Winter Show 2019
  • Artist Project 2022
  • One-of-a-Kind Winter Show 2022


Spineophone, 2019