Spine Lady

Bronze with black patina.
21”x 2.5”x 3″.

The Lady is a combination of 3D-printed elements and hand-made elements. The spine fragments that make up her body are cast from 3D prints of my spine. Her arms, legs and spine are handmade from wax each time the sculpture is made. Unlike previous sculptures that study the human form, the Spine Lady is a surrealist sculpture with a relaxed, contemplative pose that shows how one daydreams. 

Artworks that precede the Spine Lady studied incorporated elements of the body in a serious manner. Spine Lady marks a moment in my creative process where the study of the body moved away from severity and formality to a more whimsical representation of figurative themes. 

Show History 

  • Toronto Outdoor Art Fair 2022
  • One-of-a-Kind Winter Show 2022


Spine Lady, 2022