Exploded Skull

Bronze skull with black patina on a steel stand with steel and brass attachments.

The model of a disarticulated skull is traditionally seen in medical school as a learning tool to understand the twenty-two bones that make up the human skull. The fragile bones are traditionally attached to a brass stand covered with a bell jar.

Exploded Skull is cast from a skull model that osteopathic students often use. With molds of each bone cast, bronze replicas were produced. The stand is welded together in steel, and the attachments are handmade. The space between each bone exposes the fragile nature of each component. The bronze contradicts that by being a solid material that isn’t broken easily.

The sphenoid bone in the centre of the skull posed a casting challenge as it is thin and delicate. Once cast, it was not attached to the stand with nuts and bolts but rather placed on the stand where the viewer could hold it. Presenting the object in cast bronze creates a different experience with something so delicate.

Show History 

  • Artscape 2019
  • OOAK 2019
  • Lonsdale 
  • OOAK 2022


Exploded Skull, 2016-18