Performance Art

The Ball Pit, 2022. Nuit Blanche 2022, Scarborough Civic Centre

The Ball Pit

Nuit Blanche 2023 Independent Project.

As part of Nuit Blanche 2023, this performance artwork took over the Council Chamber in the Scarborough Civic Centre. From 7pm to 7am, we transformed a place of work and meetings into a childlike play space.

This artwork responded to the year’s theme, “The Space Between Us” by blurring the lines between work roles, as well as the division between work and play space.

The performance artists dressed in work attire and were given simple instructions: play in the space.

Because this was the first rendition of the work, the performances were unpredictable. Various forms of play emerged as the night went on. Diving into the balls, making “snow angels” and throwing the balls were common activities, even if they hadn’t seen another person do it. This reflected child’s play.

Other elements reflected a more adult approach. Performers sorted balls into colour groups, and came up with topics that reflected the nature of the space as it relates to politics.

The audience could view the artwork from the windows looking down into the council chamber. As the night progressed, they witnessed the shifting dynamics of this unconventional use of a conventional space.