Untitled Book Series

I began writing fictitious book titles as a playful way of responding to the arduous task of reading academic text. It began with “Minimalism at Length” and over the past three years the titles have taken on themes of: personal experience, shared nostalgia and nonsensical narratives.

White paper book jackets and bold black text create a simple presentation of ideas. Without the fanciness of colours and shine, the books are about the imaginary content. Each book is hand stenciled to reflect the time and care.

At Gladstone House

Come Up To My Room: Gladstone Hotel, 2020. Installation.

As the largest collection of book titles to date, this series evolved from a set of twelve books into this large scale installation. The two sets of shelves are a reference to inventories by category, suggesting that there could be a commonality between titles.

Evoking the ideas of systems of organizations often seen in design and staging of home where book shelves have become a design feature. These interior design sets become an accent piece rather than an inventory of ideas.

Bending Over Backwards 
Gladstone House Rm 211,  2021

At first glance, the side view of this sculpture appears very slim, like a narrow book tucked away. When moving toward the front of the sculpture it becomes an overwhelming inventory of titles. The curved detail and ceiling extension references an open book while keeping a playful presentation of this series of fictitious book titles. 

The title of this sculpture refers to both the shape of the bookshelf as well as what it causes someone to do while reading the titles on the ceiling, a posture that is quite opposite to that of a traditional library, leaning into a book or looking down at a table. 

Nearly all the titles to date are included in this presentation of the series. Though there is no particular order or sequence of titles, this sculpture closes what I consider to be the first chapter of this project.