As a visualist, I work in a wide range of materials that suit concepts and questions that are explored throughout my artwork. Varied works look at the topics of shared nostalgia, memory, and humour. An acquired brain injury led me to explore personal topics of the mind and the fragility of the body. 

Bronze casting is at the core of my material choice. The technical aspects of casting, alongside conceptual development, has become my life’s work.

Performance art and public art delve into the same ideas, but the element that differs from sculptures is the relationship to space. There is often a careful consideration of how these artworks inhabit spaces, referencing their histories and current uses. For instance, the ball pit being performed in a Scarborough Council Chamber adds further conceptual dimension to the artwork. And Bending over Backwards is built to respond to the space it is in, challenging the idea of objects “growing” beyond their space.

The variety of materials keeps me thinking and growing, and provides inspiration. This crossover has become evident in some of the artworks. For instance, “Weightless Reflection was a response to the balls I collected for the Nuit Blanche ball pit performance; the two artworks were made in tandem. Humour found its way into bronze casting, starting with the bronze banana. As I create work, the materials and concepts intertwine.

Morris Wazney

Instagram: @shed.28
Email: info@shed28.ca



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